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Berkshire Property Meet Paul Ribbons 16 March 1845
« on: March 05, 2015, 01:39:36 PM »

The Property Business Is Not Just About Bricks & Mortar - It's A People Business - And The More People You Get To Know That Are Active In The Business, The Faster You Will Succeed

The Berkshire Property Meet is the UK's leading monthly property meet dedicated to helping you succeed. We enable you to meet with property experts, experienced investors, novices,
professionals and people passionate about PROPERTY from all over the UK.

It's where the experts meet the experts and you can meet them TOO!

Guest Speaker: Paul Ribbons


"The Traditional Investor, The Sophisticated Investor or The Developer?"

7 Reason Why You Need to be There

* Property Market (2015) Address
* Is this the right time to be involved in property investment?
* Will there be a another property crash?
* What will happen over the next 1-2-3 years?
* Is my portfolio safe?
* Is this the right time to buy property?
* Should I wait?

Why YOU should Be Here?

Meet up to 200 Property People
Network with Associate with Like minded People
Share their successes and challenges
Pick up tips / ideas to help them succeed
Find potential JV Partners
Get out of their comfort zone
Make a commitment to succeed
Find out what is working RIGHT now
Meet with Brokers, Solicitors & new contacts…….

Berkshire Property Meet
Manor Lane, Sl6 2RA Maidenhead
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Re: Berkshire Property Meet Paul Ribbons 16 March 1845
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